BREAKING: Canada, Namibia and Guernsey deliver post-Brexit blow to Government

This information has been passed to The Guardian by the Quadumvirate as part of an event, its authenticity and/or omissions are unknown. Furthermore, the appearance of a leak does not necessarily indicate governmental incompetence.

The Guardian has today learned that the governments of Canada, Namibia, and Guernsey have so far refused to sign post-Brexit trade deals with the UK. In separate statements, a representative of each of the three countries confirmed to The Guardian that at present they will not be signing post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, however none of the three would confirm the reasons for this. A representative of the Canadian Government told The Guardian that:

We can confirm that we have so far refused to sign a trade-deal with the UK post-Brexit. Talks are still on-going, and the Canadian Government is of course open to a trade deal with the UK, but the terms proposed were unacceptable to us.

The Canadian Government

The Guardian reached out to Brexit Secretary Mr Twistednuke, who said:

All that has occured is they have not accepted our initial offer, while this is unfortunate it is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of nations we have preferential trade arrangements with via our EU membership have agreed to roll over the current arrangements in a seamless fashion. I will be meeting with representatives of the nations who did not agree to our initial proposal and I hope it will be possible to agree such arrangements with the remaining nations.

Twistednuke, Brexit Secretary

This story is still breaking. We’ll update you as and when we have more information.

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