Guernsey votes for customs union with UK in closer-than-expected referendum

St Peter Port, Guernsey, the location of the offices of the States of Guernsey

The results of a referendum in Guernsey on a customs union with the UK have come in, revealing that 52% of voters are in favour of a customs union. The closer-than-expected result came in a referendum with 62% turnout on the Crown Dependency, after Chief Minister Gavin St Pier announced a referendum and the States of Deliberation’s decision that “it should be for the people of Guernsey to decide whether they want to leave Europe.”

In a press conference outside the offices of the States of Guernsey, the Chief Secretary stated that:

I’m very pleased to see that this island has chosen common sense over rash decision making and decided to stay with the UK. I and the committee shall have further meetings with the ERIT team in London to decide on the terms of a deal, which will likely reflect our current arrangement with the UK. This will ensure we not only keep close ties with the rest of Britain, but also our special relationship with Jersey

Chief Secretary Gavin St Pier

The Brexit Secretary, Twistednuke, was also asked for a comment, replying that “I’m glad that Guernsey took the advice of the British government that Guernsey is better off staying within the UK’s custom’s area.”

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