BREAKING: Liberal Alliance on the brink as CLibs call for a vote

Future of the Liberal Alliance looks short as major players within the Classical Liberals call for a vote on the coalition.

Leader of the Classical Liberals, Twistednuke, has yet to publicly acknowledge or respond to the petition.

According to a document leaked to The Guardian by an anonymous source within the Liberal Alliance, eight members of the Classical Liberals have called on leader Twistednuke to hold a vote on the continuation of the coalition.

The signatories include the two Classical Liberal Deputy Leaders, Vitiating, the submitted of the petition, and Tommy1Boys. The signatories include many former members of the cabinet, and the current Secretary of State for Transport, Pugglet.

The petition calls for the vote “in light of the recent developments”, no doubt a reference to the Prime Minister’s recent surprise announcement that he can and will unilaterally withdraw Article 50 if necessary. Upon hearing of the petition, the Prime Minister told The Guardian that:

This will not distract the Liberal Democrats from the important work they have to do on the budget and Europe.

The Rt Hon. Wagbo MP
Prime Minister & Lib Dem Leader

When approached for comment, Tommy1Boys told The Guardian that:

Whilst we will not comment on leaks and internal party matters, we will be releasing a statement this evening

The Rt Hon. Tommy1Boys MP
Deputy Leader of the Classical Liberals

The Guardian’s own CDocwra, former Leader of the Classical Liberals and Deputy Prime Minister, came out of retirement to note that:

The fact that Fallen is backing it is damning, Fallen is Twisted’s most ardent backer.

The Rt Hon. CDocwra
Former Leader of the Classical Liberals

Whatever the case, we await this evening’s statement and will continue to bring you the news as it develops.

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